Grim Futuristic Reality

by Max Tyler

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    -- This album is dedicated to Sean Hartter, the madman behind the phenomenal artwork for this album. Sadly, he is no longer with us.
    RIP, man. --
    Set in the near future after the Third World War, 'Grim Futuristic Reality' tells a tale of betrayal, love, suffering, rebellion, corruption and religion set in a Dystopian society controlled by a wholly corrupt government.
    I've also included FIVE additional bonus tracks with the full album download, including an extra sneak-peak into my next concept album 'Radio Silence'.

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I started writing this album in 2012.
I was at a strange place back then, I had just bought an expensive condenser mic to finally bring vocals to my productions.
I wrote a song called 'Grim Futuristic Reality', set to it was an excerpt from the film 'Citizen Kane'. I didn't know it at the time, but that was the beginnings of this crazy album.


released February 21, 2014

Max Tyler



all rights reserved


Max Tyler London, UK

I try to tell a story wherever possible within my music.

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Track Name: Prolgue
There's a world outside.

A world full of colours and wonders and you can't even look, because you're eyes are glued to the ground.
And no matter how profound your intentions may be,
You will be found by the Powers That Be;
You will be killed. For all to see.

Their eyes will turn black and their souls will begin to lack the very passion that aggression so readily needs;
So hastily feeds upon during times of rebellion.
Times where felons and priests come together in the streets,
To unite in one cause:
To rebel against the laws.
To find the claws to crush those who oppress and depress the very people they are trying to protect,
The very people that they are going to collect and send off to camps
Where they hold lamps and descend round bends of winding tunnels and billowing caverns.
They send them off to their deaths while the women and children cry;
While the rest look up to the sky and hope that so high above them,
Looking down,
The man they once trusted will turn his frown around and come down
Wearing a crown of hatred against a government so corrupt,
So belated in changing that they are practically wasting the human existence.

The future is grim.

We live on on the brim of destruction and corruption and nobody cares!
Not the countries around us,
Not the walls that surround us,
Not the beings that have found us and left us, in their wake,
Powers to be used,
And powers to be abused.

We can lie to ourselves and say:
"This is the way it's always been!"
But that is no excuse to become unseen.

We have to get mad.
We HAVE to get MAD!

The future is grim.
And this is a reality:
We are all going to die,
Without our sanity.
Track Name: Chaos Amplified
You don’t have to be a number,
You can excel in your dreams so
Rebel against the whole nation,
Tear it apart at the seams.

No you cannot escape this madness;
It’s too late, we are falling down
Into the depths of hell,
It’s awfully warm now we’re inside.

Chaos holds you down to the floor.
You can struggle but will never
Escape it’s clutches of
Desolation is the future for you.

Push and fight with all your might,
You’re never gonna make it out alive
Cause you are here for good
And that’s the way I really think
It should stay like this for eternity;
There is really no need to plea for your life,
You are stuck inside this strife.

Steel away your senses,
You can never hope to see the light of day again,
Your friends and fam’ly do not know where you have gone,
So quell those thoughts of freedom in your mind
And you will soon begin to find a sense of pain
That you have never felt before.
Track Name: Soften My Oesophagus - The Moronic Beauty Of Youth
There once
Was a time,
When youth
Was mine.

When I
Met you,
When we
Were divine.

But now
We’re cold,
We’re stale,
We’re old.

There’s no one
To blame but
The Powers
That Be.

We’re broken,
We’re dying,
We’re sickly,
They’re flying.

We must build
A resistance;
Forget love,
It’s too persistent.

We have to
Give up the
Life we thought
We’d have.
The Powers have
broken us
Track Name: Flotilla The Hun
Go away.
I do not want you here.
Leave me alone.
I told you when I left,
That I am gone for good, this is my refuge.
There’s nothing for me down there.
So leave me in piece.

I don’t want to know what’s going on down there,
I don’t care, that’s why I’m here,
I’m sick and tired of bullshit,
You can’t persuade me to leave my cell.
I lie in bed and all I think is that this is the
Most perfect feeling I’ve ever felt before!

I don’t want excuses,
I don’t want lies; I want the truth.
I don’t want an apology,
I don’t want to hear “Sorry”.
I want to be alone up here,
This is my home away from fear,
I’m never coming back
So you’re leaving with empty hands.

Make your way back to Earth.
Set a course for disappointment.
Your fate is inevitable.
You will crumble under the clutches of the
Powers that be will crush your soul into pieces!
There is nothing you can do to save the world!
Suffer your fate alone!
You are doomed!

Go away.
I do not want you here.
Leave me in peace.
I told you when I left.
Track Name: Hold Me Till I'm Sane
Look out for me.
Look for the signs.
Help me to realise
What I’d leave behind.
Help me to calm down.
Hold me till I’m sane.
Track Name: Critical Condition
Look outside, see the bombs falling overhead!
Feel the power of the government!
Wonder as to who pressed the button first.
But it doesn’t really matter now ‘cause humankind will finally burst.

This solipsistic future doesn’t seem too keen for lecture.
Walking back to foreign lands,
You’ll see that others had our plans.
Just take a look; put down your book and see
The truth, without an edit.

Make the most of now and picture centuries from now,
A world of angels, sweet and pure,
And not even a hint of this manure.
So hold your loved ones close,
This world is ending here for most.
The ones that will survive
Will not stand the test of time.
Track Name: Teaching Animals
Once I taught a lion to speak.
It granted me just one wish.
I wished for wealth;
I wished for fame.
I wished that everyday not be the same.

“Well.” He said to me.
“Son, you can’t wish for those things.
You must think before you act
Because consequences reach farther than the eye can see.”

In a fit of rage the lion turned on me and bared his fangs.
He bit into my very soul;
He ripped apart my soulless image.

Now I lie dead on the floor,
The lion feasting on my bones.
I call out to the edge of Space,
I wish for silence so I can sleep sound.

Save me, my Lord!
I’ll never forsake you again!
Your animalistic ways
Have put me on the right path!

Release them, your beasts.
Set them free upon the world!
They’ll tear apart every soul!
And spread the peace of silence!
Track Name: Probable Cause
You come to our people,
Claiming that you’ve done no wrong!
You say that you fight for
A cause that’s lead from up above.

Just look at your red hands
And tell me that you’re doing good!
All I see in your eyes
Is hate and lust for all mankind.

Your tiny eyes are now encapsulated by desire.
You cannot fathom what is coming after you.
You’ll try to escape but they’ll hold on for dear life.
This is the price you pay for living life in strife!
Track Name: Numbered
The number across my forehead
Burns in the sunlight;
Reminds me I'm still alive!

Of home!

The number across our foreheads
Burns in the sunlight;
Reminds us we’re still alive!

There are such horrors outside,
That we feel safe inside this hole!

We’re the poor and homeless,
Sick and measly,
Bleeding, crying,
Screaming, dying.
You have the power to help us,
So how do you sleep at night?

We fear the world outside,
But in here there is no pride;
There’s no place that we can hide,
It’s like we’re fighting with the tide.
We will never try to get out and see the sky.
There’s no place that we can lie, we’ll just stay here until we die.
Track Name: Epilogue [Bonus Track]
There's just one thing I have to ask before I go.
Answer me this before you wipe me out.
I know that you are lying;
I know that's not the truth.
I know it, I can see it in your eyes!

Just tell me the truth for once in your lives.
Just give me the answer in this life!
This is my dying wish,
You know that I am owed it by the state.

You don't think I deserve this?
An explanation, that's all I'm asking for!
But you.
You can't even give me the truth before I die.
You, sitting so high and mighty in your thrones are still scared of me,
Even now, when my life is about to end.

Oh, but it's not just me, is it?
You're scared of all of us.
You need me to die to set an example to the rest of them/
Well, it won't work.
I've built them up to be stronger than that.
I'm more than just an image, I'm an idea.
And you cannot kill an idea.

Just tell me the truth for once in your lives!
Just give me the answers in this life!
This is my dying wish.
In our Grim Futuristic Reality!
Track Name: Driver [Bonus Track]
There's only road ahead of streaking blue,
There's only time that holds these parts like glue.
There's only death ahead in sight of glass,
There's only dreams of speed and changing class.
There's only warmth and love under the hood,
There's only power; pain misunderstood,
There's only fuel and oil and water.
All to excite your daughter.

She sits beside me taking in the view,
I tell I her I am here amongst the few,
She is safe whilst I'm behind the wheel,
But the devil chooses what I feel.
She can see right through my blatant lies;
See the pain and pestilence and flies.
I cannot stop her feeling the fear.
I can taste her pulse as she comes near.

Four hundred horses take out lives
As metal grinds and shadows dive.
I can feel my flesh begin to burn
As fuel ignites and bowels churn.
Was the sacrifice worth it in the end?
What did I gain as Satan's friend?
Now my lover's gone, her body twisted
But the power to me is still gifted!