by Max Tyler

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THE ENDS Pt. I is a concept album about mental health problems with a strong focus on depression.


released November 14, 2014

Max Tyler



all rights reserved


Max Tyler London, UK

I try to tell a story wherever possible within my music.

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Track Name: City Of The Old
I was taught, look up to your elders, but all I see is corrupted depression,
It doesn't seem so good to me

So I
Don't think it's wise,
To listen to
Elders, they're not so much wiser than I.

There was someone, I loved her so.
But now she's gone, and I know who's to blame.

These elders, I took their advice
And look where I ended up!

I thought they were right all along,
But now I find they're as clueless as me.
I don't know what to do, there's no one I can turn to.
I don't know right I don't know wrong!

I'm torn.

I was taught, look up to your elders.
But in the end they're all wrong.
Track Name: mnmttiac
There's never going to be an easy way to say
That my mind's not here, it has gone astray.
It will come back but that time's not now
I need you right now, I need you to tell me how to
Deal with this, something's amiss.
I don't understand the words you're saying, you're like a wolf baying to the moon, like some great loon but I find that I'm just talking to the mirror.

There's no one who can help me but myself, I understand that now.
But that's not gonna tell me HOW to deal with it, WHERE to begin?
It's so much easier to forget by abusing my skin.
I just want to stop, I need it to stop, that voice in my head keeps filling me with dread and I know one day it's gonna wind up killing me dead.

You know that voice inside your head so well, so why are we here?
You think that you can do this on your own, well there's the punch line.


I'll just keep killing time by lying,
Saying I'm fine and saying that it's not a crime to be crying, people are dying, that's what I'm crying about. There's no need to pout, I'm telling the truth, you expect the youth to lie and fib, well I'm not a kid! I am a man and I'll do things my own way.
Track Name: 2009
Where has my soul gone?
Why do people leave me cold?
I want to be part of something bigger.

Where has my soul gone?!
Why do people scorn me so?!
All I want is your love and adoration!
Track Name: Creep
There's always someone looking for you.
There's always something lurking behind you.
You turn to look but all is calm
That's when they come behind and steal psalm.

There's always hate and pain and the pressings of law.
There's always right and wrong and pressings to do good.
You could be smart and not deviate from your path.
But in the end you're just the crime you've yet to craft.

There's always someone.
There's always hate and pain.
There's always something.
There's always right and wrong.
It's inescapable.
The past is haunting you.
It's undeniable.
You have to face the truth.
Track Name: Savage Build
Tension rises inside my head.
I look to the foot of my bed.
I heave inside and reach for the knife.
Self harm is not the answer but neither is the word of god.
Track Name: Zero Ground
Watching the tape flicker round and round,
Watching your face as it hits the ground with my hand on the back of your head.

The fear of the dead, is holding me back.
I hear your bones crack under my hands.
They crack so easily.

Your eyes close involuntarily.
There's no time for Hail Mary now my love.
So wash those tears away.

Your veins are strewn across the floor.
You want it to stop? So tell me more about what you did.
About who you did.

You think you can lie to me?
Well, I've lied to the best.
I know all the ins and outs,
All the winks and pouts.

I know when I am being lied to,
I know that you're not as saintly as you think.
I'm King in this scenario, and you are my Pawn.

Just think about all the things you could have said at the beginning.
You didn't have to lie, you didn't have to avoid the truth.
I was trusting you to tell the truth.

You see, I already know what you've done.
I worked it out. I'm not stupid.
That's the beauty of this scenario.
I was testing you.

So now we sit, face to face.
And you've spewed out all these lies and fibs and I've had to listen to them all with a straight face.
And I'm afraid I can't let you leave now.

As your eyes close for good, I am smiling.
We'll end together.
I'll see you on the other side.
Our troubles will soon dissipate.
And we'll be together again.
Track Name: 2012
I feel inside.
A sense of dread.
The encroaching darkness.
Has filled my bed.

A toast is made
With the beyond.
I will now join you.

Leave a letter
Before you go
Explaining why
You are crying.

Sign it then leave
Make our chests heave
Reading is hard
When they're all gone.

I feel inside.
A sense of fear.
The approaching storm,
Is made unclear.

I sit beside.
This road of bliss.
I'm coming to haunt you.

You don't deserve it.

I'm safe in my pit.
Track Name: Slow Burn
The struggle,
The comfort.
The anticipation now it's here,
The one you love to fear.
The dawn of dreams.

You take a
Step forward
Everything seems pleasant till the
The pain.

You're not one to lose control,
Yet here we are, we're falling
There's pain inside your neck, it's here, the slow burn!

You look round,
There's no help.
Nothing makes sense inside this world!
This world of mind...

Try harder
To explain
The differences are quite stark.
In this world of dark.
There's no

Time is fleeting,
The rats are eating my flesh.
The temperature begins to drop,
I'm slipping away.

Slow burn
Comforts my soul.
Life blood drains.
Tempting my fate.

Slow burn
Pulling away
Till I'm one
With the stars!